Remember, Remember…the Eleventh of November

In Canada, we mark Remembrance Day by wearing poppies in our lapels.  You begin to see them right after Thanksgiving.  At first it’s one or two, a bright red spot floating in crowds of grey and black.  Then slowly, the poppies start to appear more and more, until they begin to resemble fields of crimson reminders.

The poppies are made of simple red felt and cling to your coat by a single pin threaded through the middle of the poppy.

They are notorious for getting caught and falling off.  It’s never a surprise to see a sad, lonely looking poppy lying on the floor of the subway train, or the sidewalk, having been brushed off a lapel carelessly.  It happens to us all.

This year, I thought I had a foolproof idea: I’d stick a REAL pin through the center of the poppy.  Not just any pin: a FLAG pin.  That’s right, bitches.  I got patriotic.  Not just that, it had a back to it—a perfect solution!  I put that thing on the day after Thanksgiving.  I was so excited to wear it!

Well, smartie pants that I am, I’m at the grocery store, doing my shopping.  As I’m waiting for my deli order, I look down and there is my poppy, lying in my shopping bag.  The damn thing had come off.

And nowhere could I find the back.  I left it in the shopping basket.

So, let this be known—NO ONE is immune to the loss of their Remembrance Day poppy.  NO ONE.  Short of sewing that thing to my coat, I see no other solution that will keep that thing in place.

That said, I have yet to replace it…and Remembrance Day is tomorrow.  I’ve failed again this year.

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One thought on “Remember, Remember…the Eleventh of November

  1. Ivana November 11, 2009 at 9:48 pm Reply

    Perhaps this is your lost poppy?

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