Auld Lang Syne

Sorry about that last post, I’ve been knee-deep in copyspeak for months. It’s a hard habit to break, but I do make the effort. There’s always twitter, where I put a word down somehow. Or there’s also facebook, but you have to have met me to go on there…

So you see, I do have moments of stillness, where I drop a strand into the pool and let it linger in the swirl for a little bit.

Today of all days, the first of the year, I have been writing like a fiend. Writing to people I love, to strangers, people I could love, all sorts of things. Clever, witty? Perhaps. Memorable, definitely. Hmm, I do say that with some humility, I hope that’s evident. But how can it be when it’s just on the internet? A free account no less, no longer the master of her own domain.

I’m very excited about 2010. As I’m always excited for new years, but, you know…this one especially seems to be doing it for me. It sounds like it’ll be a fun year. Or perhaps that’s just me? I hope not. I hope you had an excellent new years. And you have an excellent new year.



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