As Johnny Cash croons on in the background

You know who my favourite actor is right now?

Guy Pearce.

You know, this guy:

Why? Well, aside from the chiselled jaw, the tousled hair and the piercing eyes (haha, no pun intended…it’s a bad one anyway), I have stumbled upon him in two, not one, TWO movies this year. Before this year, I hadn’t seen him in anything since Memento.

And the best part? He’s played the most interesting characters in both of them.

I’m debating whether or not to tell you which movies they were, Dear Reader. I want you to experience the same thing I did, but I have a sneaking suspicion you just won’t. So what the hey, here’s where I seen him:

1.The Hurt Locker—Valentine’s Day. Movie number two into the I-Hate-Boys-I-Ain’t-Going-Out marathon. After his explosive end FIVE MINUTES INTO THE MOVIE we spend the rest of the thing nursing our third bottle of wine and pacing the room because the movie’s too intense. Now I seem to own it.

2.The Road—not a full week ago. Down-hearted and full of regret and anguish, I take to the streets and come home, tired and defeated. I look up at the Fox marquee, as I always do on my walk home, then look at my watch. Ten minutes until showtime. I let myself cry at the movie. I watched a horrifying scene that I’m proud I watched, despite the disturbance it has no doubt caused me, and then Guy Pearce came along. He came along in his…bad false teeth and stringy wig…came and talked over those teeth, and made me smile.

Thanks, Guy Pearce. You’re the best actor of 2009.

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