Dinner FAIL

Mondays are so hard for me. I don’t want to blame it on the fact that it’s a Monday, but it ain’t easy. The night before I was up late at the Massive Attack show, so I had that going against me. Then I had a huge pile of work waiting for me in the office, of which I have only made a small dent in, despite working through lunch. Then, on top of that, it was the season opener game of the office softball team (hey, we won!)

And did I mention that it was a Monday?

So I suppose, when I lay it all out there, I had pretty much the entire day working against me.

All I wanted to do after the game was buy some groceries—especially kitty kibbles—and relax.

Alas, it was not meant to be. I spent an hour at the No Frills on Victoria Park and Eglinton getting my supplies for the week. I marveled at the price! The variety! (I live in the Beaches…we don’t have corn tortillas in our cold food section) And then I found out they don’t take credit cards.


I left everything at the checkout and headed to the bus stop, dejected, tired and a little embarrassed. No one likes to have to leave their purchases because they can’t pay for them. I’m broke! I need to use my credit card! What normal grocery store does not take credit cards these days? I’ll tell you—NO FRILLS.

No frills, indeed.

Here’s where I had two options open to me: admit defeat, pick up a pizza and get the hell home, or try again a little closer to home. As I stood at the bus stop on Eglinton and Vic Park, cold and miserable and more than a little weary of the fact that I’m in deep Scarborough country, I decided to go the right route: I tried again closer to home. After all, I could scrounge up some food from my pantry, but the cat? Not even a dusty can of tuna around. So it had to be done.

Still, I had ten bucks in my wallet. Ten whole dollars. That’s at least worth a McDonalds value meal (if I don’t super-size the mofo.) So why didn’t I just do it? What’s wrong with me?! I even stood across the street from a McDonalds as I waited for my bus to arrive.

But, no. I bought my groceries and headed home. There’s a part of me that’s grown stubborn over the two years that I’ve lived by myself; having a stocked pantry and a decent supply of groceries stops me from buying take out more often than not. Yes, I have my days. I’m notorious for not packing a lunch (I lack forethought), but dinner is normally a process I make myself. Sometimes it’s enough for leftovers, even, which is always a boon, but damn it I hate those days where you try so hard, but it feels like the world is conspiring against you.

Yesterday was one of ‘em.

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4 thoughts on “Dinner FAIL

  1. Carolynne May 11, 2010 at 10:03 pm Reply

    A grocery that doesn’t take credit cards?! That’s crazy. I didn’t think anyone rejected credit cards these days. It really is a world of plastic. Weird. Anyway, I think it was a good choice to choose groceries over Mcdonald’s….then you can feed your kitty 😀

  2. isimma May 12, 2010 at 9:39 am Reply

    I hate those days, too! I wish you weren’t so far east now, you could’ve joined me for shopping. Peeper’s needed food too. We almost caved for a pizza as well but shopped and made a decent past (which was consumed at 10pm, I’m sure that’s equivalent to eating a pizza).

    • Olga May 12, 2010 at 12:26 pm Reply

      Far is a relative term. I’m really not that much further than I was before. 😉

  3. Alex May 12, 2010 at 11:44 am Reply

    No Frills has burned me with the no-credit thing before. Assholes.

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