A Brush with Banksy

Banksy, that mysterious rogue who spraypaints the streets of UK and installs fake art (is it really fake, though?) in the British Museum is in town this week. Or rather, we’ve just discovered that Banksy’s been visiting, as the Torontoist broke on Monday morning.

Little did I know that I would happen across a piece on Sunday night when I went to see Massive Attack at the Sound Academy.

Great show, by the way. Those guys know how to bring it—despite DJ Mike’s whining about it being “depressing”. It’s Massive Attack! Of course it’s depressing! But at least you can groove to it…

Anyway, as we made our way back to civilization, I looked up to see this sprayed onto the backside of an old sign:

Photo courtesy of Torontoist

I thought to myself, hmmph. That looks like a Banksy! But I pushed it out of my mind as my attention was drawn back to our conversation—I believe we were discussing how effing cold it was at that point.

Lo and behold, I was right! I’ve always wanted to see something by Banksy, and I never in a million years thought I would get the chance to, least of which in Toronto of all places.

Now most of the pieces have been removed by property owners, opportunistic scavengers and city workers. There’s an argument in there about what constitutes art I’m sure. But I’m just glad I got a chance to see a piece in person.  Cause I certainly think it’s art—gritty and strange art, but art nonetheless.

And frankly, if the only reason he came to town was to promote Exit Through the Gift Shop, the new documentary on street art, that’s fine by me. I wanted to see the film anyway, and this was a great way to get even more people interested. Kudos.


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2 thoughts on “A Brush with Banksy

  1. Carolynne May 12, 2010 at 3:56 pm Reply

    Honestly, I had never heard of Banksy before. But I just read up on Wiki. I am so amazed that after all these years, he hasn’t been “caught” or identified. It’s amazing…even with the movie coming out. It’s awesome that you actually got to see art done by him! Congrats 😉

  2. […] admiration and interest in the work of Banksy on the Punnery before, having seen it firsthand when he hit Toronto tw0 years ago, so it should come as no surprise that I’m tickled that he’s created a free printable […]

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