Hello, are you there?

What my phone looked like 2.5 years ago

My phone took a tumble into the toilet about two weeks ago. I spent the day before (Family Day, as it were) scrubbing down my bathroom, so when it plunged into the icy depths of my porcelain throne, I wasn’t as grossed out had it happened say, a week earlier. Still, I was momentarily shocked. The grief came later when I tried to turn it on while waiting for the bus (this happened as I was getting ready for work) and the screen looked like it was melting.

So, I bought an iPhone 4 to replace my ancient BlackBerry Pearl. Quite the upgrade, I can tell you. Last night, I officially made it mine by knocking it into a drinking glass, shattering the glass to a million pieces (the iPhone’s pretty hefty), slicing up the screen protector and spilling water everywhere. Yes, I am amazing. Luckily the phone is still in once piece (if in need of a new screen protector) and I was able to avoid any further damage.

This is good, because I’m beginning to like this phone a lot. Over the weekend I recorded a few rehearsal sessions with my band (still getting used to using THAT word!) Holly and the Hand Grenades. I put one of them up on SoundCloud. None of us are named Holly, but we liked the alliteration. Gregory Von Drat upon hearing the name scoffed, “Well, it could be anything. Why not Holly and the Harlots?” I’m pretty sure I told him to stuff it.

Holly and the Harlots…what a dumb name.


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One thought on “Hello, are you there?

  1. isimma March 23, 2011 at 9:49 am Reply

    Team iPhone for life! You’ll soon wonder how you went about your days without it.

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