My Green Thumb

I have fond memories of watching my mother re-pot plants in our home. Watching is the operative word here. I never really helped much. The soil! It would get my hands dirty!

My office came with a sad little plant whose roots had outgrown its glass vase home well before I ever arrived. Still, it lived on, sucking in water which I dutifully replenished every few days. Each time I did I felt like I was only prolonging the pain of living in such a confined space, like it was a kitten in a bottle. I vowed to one day give it a new home.

One day, at my local Zellers, aimlessly looking for things to buy as I do on occasion, I came across the meager landscaping department and I recalled my promise. I bought the soil and pot, took it to work, and left it there for…a couple of months. It sat and it sat and I kept watering the poor tortured plant.

That is, until today. I finally broke down and repotted it.

Yes, it’s the saddest looking plant in the world. But wouldn’t you be too if you lived in a glass vase with your roots pressed up against the glass for God knows how long before?


Eventually, the little thing began to grow after I learned how much water I needed to give it. I was so happy! There was new growth! The leaves began to turn from a sickly pale yellow to a healthy, strong green.

Pardon the bad focus on that image.

However, now that it’s had some moderate time to grow a little bit, I’ve run into a new problem. It’s stopped growing again. And it’s no longer sucking up water. The amount I used to put in that would get sucked up in a matter of 48 hours now sits for days and days.

The roots that are sticking up look black and sickly once again. I’ve Googled and I may have caused some root rot because I didn’t purchase a pot with holes in the bottom for the water to pour through (I know there’s a word for that as well, but I can’t think of it.) Erosion? No.

Maybe someone on the internet will know what’s wrong with my little plant. I was so happy to see it start thriving and now it seems it’s sunk back into it’s depression. Who knew that plants could be so temperamental?! (Don’t answer that.)



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