I warned you about that younger woman, didn’t I?

In my ongoing quest to provide young males ages 19-25 with some advice on how to keep the ladies they love in their laps, I wrote another piece for the Brolog. If you believe their homepage, it’s the third most popular blog post on the website today, so why not check it out: “4 reasons you should be cautious of that younger girl“.

Yes, there are more reasons, but I had a word count to worry about and a limit to how many euphemisms I could use to describe jailbait.

A sample:

There’s nothing wrong with dating younger women, but if you’re thinking of dating a really young chick, think twice. Sure, she can wrap her legs around your head, but there are a host of problems that come with that parlour trick.

Women mature faster than men do. Remember the tallest girl in grade school? Not only do our boobs and hips pop out sooner than your chest and facial hair, so too do our hormones kick into overdrive at a young age.

Plus, it doesn’t take much to impress us. If you have a car or a sweet fixie, you’re halfway to being jailbait heaven.

Your new girlfriend is young, nubile and easily impressionable? Here’s why this might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

You can read the rest at the Brolog.

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