Signed Salvador Dali Etching Sold in Tacoma, WA for a Song

Were you in the market for a piece of reasonably-priced priceless art? Oh, well, you should have gone to the Tacoma, WA Goodwill to pick up a Salvador Dali etching then.

It went for only $21,000.

The auction started at $1K, which is a steal as far as anyone who loves art is concerned, but don’t sigh wistfully just yet.

It’s kind of underwhelming.

Dali Etching
Photo: Tacoma, WA Goodwill

What’s he point at, anyway? A window into Spain?

It was a print, one of only 150, but still. It found its way to the Pacific Northwest and now it’s moving on. Hopefully to somewhere nice. I’m sure the money will go to a wonderful cause, too. It’s Goodwill after all.

I’ll be honest–I know nothing about good art. I knows whats I likes, and this is kind of…meh. Am I wrong?

Perhaps Sarah Begin will tell me otherwise. She’s agreed to answer a few questions about the portrait of Carl Sagan that she’s working on. Maybe she’ll give me her opinion!

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One thought on “Signed Salvador Dali Etching Sold in Tacoma, WA for a Song

  1. Interview with Sarah Begin « The Punnery November 24, 2012 at 1:14 pm Reply

    […] On top of the questions about Sarah’s painting, I also asked her if she could comment on the Dali print recently discovered in a Tacoma, WA Goodwill. Here’s her […]

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