An Open Letter to Loblaws

As if having to deal with it being winter isn’t hard enough, we are reminded that we are not perfect human beings when we step up to the counter at Loblaws and see this magazine staring back:


Not pleasant, is it? I originally found this on Facebook this evening:

An open letter to Loblaws:

I am writing this letter as a customer, a schoolteacher, and a concerned member of society.

This evening, I was in your Dominion location in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, when I saw an issue of the National Enquirer that I found extremely offensive. The cover story for this particular issue is “Best and Worst Beach Bodies.” The magazine displays on its cover numerous photos of women with captions such as “Beauty, blubber and cellulite,” “Belly disaster” and “Larger than life.”

More and more, we are seeing the detrimental effects of bullying in our school system. These magazines, which are displayed prominently at every checkout, are a very real form of bullying. What’s more, they further perpetuate the idea that women should have flawless bodies, thereby exacerbating the problem of negative body image, particularly among female youths, but also among all sexes and age groups.

As a schoolteacher, how am I to demonstrate to my students the importance of treating others with respect when everywhere they look society is sending a message to the contrary? I shudder at the thought of my teenage students seeing such magazines at your checkouts, only to question their own bodies.

I am sure that Loblaws has not fully considered the damaging effects that these magazines can have on teenagers, and society as a whole, and that you will agree that they have no place in your stores. I have recently seen many of your ads which promote your community involvement, including one filmed in St. John’s. If your company is truly dedicated to making a positive change in the community, then you will act swiftly to remedy this problem. I believe that as a responsible member of the Canadian business community, it is only prudent for your company to remove these negative tabloids from your stores.


Brandon Field, teacher at St. Peter’s Junior High in Conception Bay, Newfoundland

PS–This has already started interesting conversations about the outrage of the magazine. Tomorrow I’ll post excerpts from a rather heated debate found shortly after the open letter was posted.

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