Regarding the blogTO Editorial Assistant Position

Normally, I wouldn’t apply for a position listed as an “assistant”, but in this case I take exception because getting the opportunity to cover news and events about Toronto for blogTO is hardly one that I can pass up.

I’ve had a lot of positions over the last few years. Co-ordinator, assistant manager, “technician” (oddly enough). Lately my position has been freelance and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I’ve learned how to hone my craft through writing for a variety of places. Marketing. Advertorial. Business. I’ve written it all.

I’ve covered a lot of ground on the Toronto scene in the last four years. I was the digital marketer for the Canadian Opera Company. Along with running the official website,, and their email marketing, I organized Toronto-based events like a storytelling team-up with the Raconteurs for The Tales of Hoffmann at No One Writes to the Colonel and an impromptu pilates class in St. James Park with hunky tenor Joseph Kaiser to promote Iphigenia in Tauris.

My research and interview skills are put to the test these days at PRODUCT Toronto. I’ve had the opportunity to interview and play dress-up with Toronto businesses Rent Frock Repeat and talk music with musicians Emma-Lee and Matt Dusk. Additionally, I’ve written articles for other notable Toronto online publications. My article on the Dineen Building for the Torontoist was especially well-received. I always keep an ear to the ground for more stories.

And now I’m seeking expert advice. I know a lot about the down-in-the-pits action of blogging and online marketing. I write about music, fashion, and online culture over here at the Punnery. While I know how to build a website and install WP onto my own server, because the costs of running a website keep increasing, it’s hard to justify spending the money on a portfolio that I’m building organically (which also can mean, slowly.) The nice part about is that it gives you comprehensive stats anyway, without having to install third-party analytics. Hence why I know which categories are most popular at the Punnery.

I know I am capable of fulfilling the requirements of the job. More than that, I’m hoping to learn at the same time. I’m a writer who seeks to hone her craft and I feel like the relationship would be mutually beneficial. I want to keep a few of the clients that I work with on a freelance basis and so appreciate that this position will give me the time to provide everyone with quality copy.

For the record, I’m a honey cruller kind of girl and I can start today.

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One thought on “Regarding the blogTO Editorial Assistant Position

  1. Dale Percy March 4, 2013 at 6:04 pm Reply

    Hi Olga,

    Thanks again for another great read. 🙂

    This article was of particular interest to me, because last week, I was contacted by a couple of Humber College students, who needed to ask someone in radio about how they got where they are, and why they do what they do. I was glad to do it, because I went to Humber, and (as you yourself know!) when someone wants to talk to me about writing, I’m more than willing. What was odd though, was as I was writing out my answers to their questions, it made me take a serious look at my career as a Creative Writer — from writing cattle auction ads, to winning awards, to working in the largest market in Canada (via Oakville).

    They both asked the same question for their last: “What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?”. Aside from the obvious (“Fall in love with your clients”; “Learn to trust your Account Executives”; “Just when you think things can’t get much worse, just remember that the world isn’t going to tilt off of it’s axis, and we’ll all go flying into the. Get some sleep, and try again tomorrow”), I think the one thing I would like them to remember is a piece of advice I myself — and indeed everyone, writer or not — should follow. “Never stop learning.” There’s always something more to be known, no matter how minor, and should be. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a grizzled old veteran like myself, your career and life should be a non-stop learning process. And when honing your skills, sometimes your (metaphorical) tools are the most precision instruments; other times, it’s about as subtle as a 10-pound sledge hammer.

    Hope you get the gig, Olga — you’d be great at it! 🙂

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