Animals Make Me Happy

I’ve been battling a cold lately thanks to this weird weather we’re having. But it hasn’t stopped me from going out with my camera or phone in hand and snapping away. In particular I love taking photos of animals. The thrill of it is in capturing the animal in a moment of stillness. Animals can’t be told to stand or sit still. Well, you can try, but perfect stillness is not easily achieved. So as a photographer, I have to try and capture them in focus while they’re moving–a particular challenge I love to work on. Plus, they’re so god damn cute.


My father with my cat Trotsky


A few weeks ago, I went to a maple sugar farm in Lanark County. The museum and restaurant was closed, but the animals were friendly.407168_10100423474671881_885569595_n




The same week we celebrated Easter and during the holiday weekend, my sister and I visited a goat farm near my parents’ place.



My nephew Ethan was particularly enthusiastic.


Leah was a little more hesitant but she got into the spirit once we showed her how to pick up a lamb.


Animals can be therapeutic. Can you tell?

I can't tell who loved this more: me or the goat. This photo was taken by my sister.

I can’t tell who loved this more: me or the goat. This photo was taken by my sister.

Animals seem to be everywhere. Thankfully I’ve had my camera with me to snap them in their elements.



This big guy was coming at me to say hello.


My sister’s dogs. Charlie (with the legs up) and Sage.

Horses are a particular favourite of mine that I don’t get to see very often so I made it a point to stop and say hello to these twin beauties when I saw them one fine day. We spent a good twenty minutes nuzzling before I tore myself away. I couldn’t resist taking this last snap of them before I left. I vow to return one day soon with a bag full of apples.


We fell in love with each other that day.



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