Dad’s Been Watching a lot of TV

Thank you to every one who has read my last blog post and reached out to me. It was hard for me to publish it. Some of you even said that it was beautifully written, which boggles my mind. When I read it over I see chaos and messy words that barely contain the overwhelming emotions that are coming out of me like a bad case of C. Dif.

You’re welcome for that imagery, by the way.

Maybe I should have posted it sooner, but I think truthfully I needed the time to process in order to get to a point where I can share. I got there today.

It hasn’t been easy. We’re now monitoring my dad on a 24 hour basis. The nights are the hardest because he sleeps all day and consequently has more than enough energy to shuffle around the house while everyone else tries to sleep. If he’s not sleeping or wandering around, he’s watching TV at a high volume. I can tell you about all of the news that’s happened in the last 48 hours because he loves network news channels.

Or I can relate a tale of grisly murder or accidental death because he also likes those TV programs that document the first 48 hours in a murder investigation. I think they’re called “The First 48 Hours”.

Interestingly, his TV watching has now also veered into French programming, despite the fact that he’s never spoken French in his life.

You have to find the humour in it, right?



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