Designer for Hire

Designing takes a lot of time and practice. Lately I have been scouring Youtube and design blogs for tutorials on a variety of topics as I set out to create my first WordPress theme for a client (never mind that said client is my sister!)

Projects such as this can be daunting because of all how many steps there are to get from point A to point B. What I keep reminding myself is that I must be patient and work on one step at a time. I can’t start coding anything unless I have a design. I can’t design anything unless I have an understanding of what is expected from the client. And so on and so forth. So I must patiently take the time to go through each step so that when we do get to point Z (cause, who are we kidding, there’s no point B when it comes to building a website!) we’ll have crossed off all of the steps in between.

Along the way, I think a style will emerge. My style. As I do more of these projects I’ll have a broader understanding of what my “look” looks like.


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