Happy New Year!

Here it is, the brand new year. 2014 has a nice ring to it. There’s something friendly about the number four.

Last year was hard for me. My father passed away and I experienced some of the craziest emotions of my life. But I also learned a lot about myself in that time and so, while it was hard, I don’t regret the events that happened. I wish my father were still here today. I miss him every day. It feels like we’re now just learning how to live without my dad around and it’s been a hard process for all of us.

2013 felt like another year of purging for me. I found it difficult to maintain anything for too long. Hence my ABC Project kinda fell short. I also found my creativity stunted after my father passed away. My grief was so traumatic that it was kind of like my brain shut down and the first things to come back online were my basic functions: talking, sleeping, eating. Starting things like the ABC project was my dogged effort to try and bring back my creativity (maybe a little too early). I’m going to try again in the new year with a new ABC project.

For the ABC Project Redux I’m going to select one letter per week as opposed to each day. I think the project lost it’s rails because I felt too much pressure from myself for a daily post. Considering I am an infrequent blogger, this will be a little more at my speed. Plus, the extra time will allow for a bit more research per word.

And if we’re going to discuss resolutions (and I think we should! They’re a lot of fun!) then I have this one to offer: I’m going to work hard on settling down. Life has always felt a little bit unsettled to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a restless spirit. I’ve had my bouts of wanderlust in the past. Maybe it’s because I’m a little neurotic and I’m always striving for more, more, more (with a rebel yell…) But this year especially, instead of purging, I want to settle in. I want to build a nest. I want to really enjoy my home and my career and build both up into little kingdoms that I can be proud of.

That and I want to lose weight. Of course!

Anyway, happy new year, everyone. I’d love to know what your resolutions are. And stay tuned for The Alphabet Project!




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