Happy Robbie Burns Day!

robbie-burnsHappy Robbie Burns Day! Robbie Burns was a Scottish poet whose verses became famous worldwide. He was another Romantic poet like Lord Byron. Unlike Lord Byron, Robbie Burns is celebrated in Canada on his birthday, January 25th. It’s mostly a reason to drink good scotch and listen to fiddle tunes–which is what we’ll be doing tonight!

I won’t make you read any of Robbie’s Scottish poems, but here’s a nice one to go for our next letter: I!

I Dream’d I Lay
I dream’d I lay where flowers were springing
Gaily in the sunny beam;
List’ning to the wild birds singing,
By a falling crystal stream:
Straight the sky grew black and daring;
Thro’ the woods the whirlwinds rave;
Tress with aged arms were warring,
O’er the swelling drumlie wave.

Such was my life’s deceitful morning,
Such the pleasures I enjoyed:
But lang or noon, loud tempests storming
A’ my flowery bliss destroy’d.
Tho’ fickle fortune has deceiv’d me-
She promis’d fair, and perform’d but ill,
Of mony a joy and hope bereav’d me-
I bear a heart shall support me still.


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