Rob Ford Doesn’t Like Homosexuals

Well, if he didn’t make it clear when he said he doesn’t want to attend the Gay Pride Parade–the World Gay Pride Parade, which is being held in Toronto this year, he certainly did when he decided he didn’t want the gay flay to fly in Toronto’s city hall.

Perhaps he is that insensitive and he doesn’t really think a gay flag–the international symbol for inclusivity–belongs in Toronto. Perhaps he thinks it’s not Toronto’s business. Obviously a lot of people disagree with him, but that’s neither the point.

These hilarious images resulted out of the outrage that came from some Torontonians.


Source: Patrick Weir

Source: Patrick Weir

These two gems were derived from this particular piece of pastiche:



Which, in turn, was created from Andy Warhol’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe:


I love how one begets the next, especially the final images, which are just perfect examples of how one can mock an authority figure with style and panache. They may be crude, but they are spot on.

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