Lessons from my Spring Streak

How quickly life charges on, am I right? May is half over already and my Spring Streak has officially ended this weekend. I didn’t really celebrate it because, well, it kind of ended on a whimper rather than a triumphant note. Regardless, here’s what I’ve learned from it.

Increasing activity levels

Running is hard. After the first three or four days of running my knees began to hurt too much for me to continue without risking injury. I switched to brisk walking for my cardiovascular health and I averaged 0.83 miles each day. So in terms of my goal of hitting 1 mile per day, I was just shy of the mark. Kind of a bummer, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. The overall goal was to increase my activity levels and I have!

Here’s the problem. I haven’t lost any weight as of yet. Double bummer. Last time I spoke to the nurse monitoring my progress I learned that in the last nine months I’ve actually gained 36 pounds. That’s… astounding. I knew I had gained weight. I didn’t know I had gained that much. I was estimating around twenty pounds. Boy was I off the mark! But it helps to monitor these things because otherwise I would not have known.

Exercise alone is not going to solve my problems

Having learned that my weight is still increasing I have to look at other factors, mainly what am I eating? I spoke to a friend who’s also a personal trainer about my issues and he pointed down at the beer in front of me. “It’s that,” he responded. I laughed nervously and took another sip.

But he’s right. I have to look hard at what I’m putting into my body as well as the energy I’m using to expend it. Cause if I’m walking a mile per day, but I’m taking in too many calories and not burning off enough of them, then it doesn’t matter how much exercise I’m doing because it’s just not going to work.

nothing will change

So my goals are still in place. I would still like to lose thirty pounds by November. But I have to change things up a little bit. I’ve begun tracking my food intake along with my exercise. I’m also going to attempt to eat “clean”, which was a recommendation made by my friend the fitness instructor.

Eat Clean

What does eating clean mean? It’s actually pretty simple. I need to eliminate processed foods from my diet. Minimize sugar and white flour. Decrease my alcohol intake (1 glass of wine a day!) Increase my fruit, vegetable and legume diet. Pretty simple, right? It doesn’t mean I have to stop eating, but I need to choose my food more wisely. And I also have to stop baking for a little while — only special occasions from now on.

Hopefully this will help change things around for me. I’ll keep you all up to date on it as I go along.

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