Short term, medium term, long term

Goals. We all have them. Are they written down somewhere? Do you think about them frequently? How actively are you working towards them?

I have loads of goals. Health goals. Career goals. Creative goals. Family goals. Some of them I have voiced, others are merely thoughts in my head that bubble up now and then. They don’t all need to be planned out. But I think it’s important that some of them are because if they all remain intangible ideas that remain in the wishes category then how will they ever come to fruition?

There’s another layer to add to that, though. Priorities.

Goals and priorities have to go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly otherwise things don’t move forward. Or they move forward in one direction but not in any of the others.

So it’s important to also decide what’s a priority in your life. In May I made a priority list for myself.

My priority list for May was:

  • Continue my Springstreak
  • Pass my LLQP exams
  • Build my business
  • Say “no” more often
  • Spring cleaning

I managed to do 3/5 of those goals for the month of May. My springstreak fell off woefully. I didn’t build my business very much through the month, but I did pass my LLQPs and I learned how to say “no” more often. Okay, the “no” thing is an ongoing habit which requires me to prioritize a little better. To build on that, I decided to stop using my paper agenda and move to Google Calendars for all of my scheduling needs. As much as I love using my pretty paper agenda, it’s not very efficient. It doesn’t give me reminders and it’s easily avoidable if I don’t want to think about what I need to do for the week. It can keep sitting in the bottom of my purse for days if I don’t want to see it, which leads to crazy problems. So I’m growing up and learning how to use the right tools to keep my life in track, which helps me with the fourth goal.

And truthfully, by passing my exam I did build my business. Without my insurance license, I can’t move forward, so it was necessary for me to prioritize that as my next step in building my business. By the way, I passed my provincial exam on May 30th, so I just made it under the wire. I guess you can say that 4/5 goals were met.

And even though I did not continue my springstreak, I have been making steps in my health. I had a full check-up done with my family doctor and I’ve been tracking my food with an app on my phone. I notice there’s a lot of unnecessary sugar in my diet, so I’ve been keeping my eye on where I’m consuming my sugar. There are many places where it hides.

Finally I did a massive clean in May. There was scrubbing, sweeping, dusting, bathroom cleansing. All the good things. And it felt really good to get it done.

This week I completely forgot about all of my priorities other than working. I need money to pay the bills and I got a job that does can help with that. Unfortunately, it changed my whole schedule around completely and I lost track of other things. Which led to me finding my tomato plants looking like this this morning:


Alarmingly sad. I hadn’t touched the watering jug all week. The poor things have been starving for water for days!

I’ve since watered them and will monitor their progress closely, but I’m upset with myself for having forgotten so completely this week because I was wrapped up in the day-to-day of life. I did the same thing with a bunch of dried chickpeas. I set them in water to make hummus this week. Today I opened the box to find they had turned into mush.

My lesson in all of this is that I can’t ignore the medium and long term goals when I’m trying to juggle the short term ones as well.

So I have a new job that takes up a lot of time. That’s fine. But I can’t ignore the rest of life, otherwise those other goals I set out for myself will never come to fruition.


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