Hidden Sugar

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Over the last month I’ve been tracking food with an app in an effort to identify key areas I need to improve on my nutrition. My first observation – I’m eating too much sugar and fat.

This is by no means a surprise for me. I have a typical North American diet – meat, carbs and some veg. But I’m putting effort into eating “clean”, non-processed foods. So when I think I’m eating better and I still see the sugar warning pop up I have to wonder why. Now I’m reading nutrition labels and I’m startled to find that nutritious food can also contain sugar.

For instance, the yogurt I eat in the morning with my granola is artificially sweetened. Given that I already add fresh fruit to it, I’ve now switched to plain yogurt. The granola itself is also full of sugar, so my next step is to make my own granola, which is very easy to make according to Pinterest.

Not surprisingly the Internet has a lot of other suggestions on how to avoid or reduce your sugar intake. Several claim that you should quit cold turkey, while others say that you should reduce your sugar intake gradually.

Sounds like kicking an addiction, doesn’t it? There’s debate over whether it is an addictive substance, but from the anecdotal evidence and my own experience in my diet, I lean towards the notion that it is addictive.

While I like the idea of quitting cold turkey, I don’t think it’s a sustainable practice. I know my body is not going to enjoy the first few days of being sugar free and I’m concerned that I won’t be able to make it over that initial hump. Plus, my track record of making a drastic change to my habits is poor. (RIP Spring Streak.) But I know that I am capable of making small incremental steps towards a goal, so I think my best option would be to go that route.

Maybe this is a conversation I should have with my doctor. At least one (only one?) blog post suggests speaking to a professional.

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