We could all be like the Doctor

Times are hard right now. It feels like there’s a great separation between men and women. The Jian Ghomeshi scandal. Gamergate. It’s hard to see the good for the bad, so when I came across this Facebook post last night I had to share it because it gives me hope. I hope it does the same for you.

Heather writes,

I finish my job at the Y After School Program tomorrow. This year I was lucky to have a fellow Whovian under my care. Throughout the past two months he has shared his fears of being viewed as different or weird by his classmates. Anybody who knew me as a child knows that I had some of the exact same issues, and I shared my own stories with him, hoping to encourage him and show him that it gets better. Simon Pegg said it best – “Being a geek… Means never having to play it cool about how much you love something”. He wrote that in his agenda so he would see it every day.

Today, as he was leaving, he came to me with a card and this necklace. He hugged me, cried a little bit, and gathered his things. I was upset to see him so sad, but his mother reassured me that I needn’t be. “He’s proud of who he is now. He’s not afraid to wear his Doctor Who stuff, and tell people about this thing he loves so much. And I attribute that entirely to you… You’ve shown him that he doesn’t need to be afraid to be himself. He’s told me he wants to help people just like you helped him”.

Now, because of this, Whovian has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Now, it’s a helper. And a reminder to keep helping people. Just like the doctor.



When we share our experiences with others we help them understand that they are not alone. Through mentorship and support he was able to realize that he is not strange and there are other people who share his experiences. Who knows what will become to the little Whovian, but I believe he’ll be okay and he will pass that same feeling on to someone else in the future. Can you imagine how powerful that is? Let’s all be Whovians, whether or not we watch the Doctor. It’s not about the fandom, it’s about helping one another. Why else do we band together anyway?


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