It’s My 29th Birthday!

This is the first time in five years that I have written a blog post on my birthday. I can’t believe that! I have done more self-reflection this past year than at any other point in my life. Not even when I was eleven years old, flush with the excitement of a new dinosaur-decorated notebook.

An early selfie taken on the steps of the Duomo, age 21.

An early selfie taken on the steps of the Duomo in Florence, age 21.

So much of my life in my twenties has been about trial and error. Moreso than in my teens when I took few risks, other than a couple of boyfriends. My twenties have been the period of immense growth for me. I tested all of my boundaries in the last ten years. I got over stage fright and began to sing like I was born to. I sought places to publish my writing. I completed my university undergrad with vigor and punch. I moved back to Toronto. I traveled solo. I traveled with partners. I found love. I learned how to seize opportunities and how to back away from them when I know they’re not right for me. I lost a parent. I weathered the deep intensity of grief and depression. I learned about myself in ways I had never thought I would.

God, my twenties were exhausting!

But how else do you learn if not through trial and error? I was in hibernation as a teenager, waiting to leave the safety net and learn how to do things on my own. It’s actually kind of weird to think that I didn’t experiment more when there was a safety net. It was only when it was taken away that I wanted to take risks… What’s wrong with me?!

Marching into my twenties I didn’t give much forethought into what accomplishments I’d like to aim for, other than to pass university. Looking back on that now I see how aiming that low led to so few things actually getting done in the last ten years. Maybe what I should have been doing as a teenager — testing boundaries — I did them in my twenties because I wasn’t ready to start setting goals for myself. I’m more than ready now. This past year I learned the importance of goal-setting. It’s not about how can I cross all of these things off the list, it’s how many of these things can I accomplish?

Goals for the next ten years

  • Pay off my debts and build my wealth
  • Finish both novels
  • Make a baby
  • Grow a garden
  • Visit my family in Poland
  • Write and record an album

I don’t expect to achieve all of these things, but putting them into words gives them weight and gives me a place to focus my energy. It’s time to put plans into action that will bare fruit and, as you can see, I have a lot of fruit I want to bare. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “It’s My 29th Birthday!

  1. Alex November 18, 2014 at 1:44 pm Reply

    Birthday fun! I love your goals and I am really looking forward to reading your novels(!) one day. 🙂

    • Olga November 18, 2014 at 1:58 pm Reply

      Thank you my dear. 🙂

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