10 reasons I’m building my own business

Yesterday I set up my goals. While merely stating them has power in itself, I also need tangible reasons behind the work that I put into them. Running a business is hard. It takes dedication, patience and hard work — even when you don’t want to work that hard. Having a reminder of why you run your own business is part of the process so you can keep your focus on what’s important.

Here are my top ten reasons for running my own business:

  1. Because I want my (unborn!) children to have the opportunity to be whatever they want (hopefully one of them wants to be an astronaut, cause I think that would be cool.)
  2. To take care of my health – including preventative activities that keep me healthy and happy.
  3. So when I do have to take care of my health, I have time and money to do that.
  4. To cultivate a relationship with my Polish family – including visits to the motherland!
  5. To help my mother enhance her retirement in any way possible.
  6. To help my niece and nephew transition to city life if they move to Toronto after high school.
  7. To raise my own family.
  8. To continue living in Toronto (or wherever I choose.) I don’t want economics to dictate where I have to live.
  9. To help social programs in my community and stand up against neighborhood bullies (like the recent decision to cast a permanent shadow on a school in my neighborhood.)
  10. To buy a cottage on Sharbot Lake and a retirement home in Trinity, NL.
October 2014, Trinity, NL

October 2014, Trinity, NL


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