Business Spotlight: Fancy Faces & Maternity Belly Painting

Laura Dorothie runs Fancy Faces & Maternity Belly Painting, a unique visual art company that combines Laura’s love of art with a human touch. She’s been building her own business since 2012. I asked her to answer a few questions for the blog about her business.


belly-2Please tell us in your own words what your business does.

My business is all about art, yes it is face and body painting but for me it is about bringing artwork to life by literally painting on the human canvas, in my opinion the best canvas there is. I bring a little extra glitter and glam to a princess’ birthday and a little extra kaPOW to the little superheros celebration. I add glitz, glitter and colourful class to corporate shindigs & holiday get togethers, and a little neon glow to nightclubs and raves. Maternity Belly Painting is a unique and artistic way to capture a moment during a woman’s pregnancy that she and her family can look back on years to come with fondness. Using only the best face & body paint; it’s not just face & body painting,  I help people create colourful and fun memories.

What are the benefits of running your own business?

I love running my own business because I get to be my own boss, I chose what I do and don’t do. If I want a weekend off I can do that, if I want to change sometimes or add something I can do that, and I don’t have to run it by anyone! I like having that creative control, and that ability to really be creative and let that energy flow.

What are the challenges of running your own business?

The challenges I face are that I am new, I am breaking into an industry that is small, and it takes a lot of time, and a bit of money. I don’t have the opportunity to just shut off because someone needs to respond to inquiries, someone needs to do the research on products, and stay ahead of the curve. I am the boss, I am the artist, I am the muscle, the business obviously revolves around me and is me, so there is no relying on anyone else, with two kids under 4 yrs old, this can be challenging.

How do you see yourself growing your business in the next five years to ten years?

I have so many ideas about how to grow this business and how I ultimately see my business going, and I hope that in the next 5-10 years that will be possible. I hope to have a ground level studio or a whole building with several purposes, thats a huge goal for me.

IMG_0427What advice could you give to someone thinking of starting their own business?

If I could say anything to someone starting out I would say don’t listen to the critics or your competition, there is always something unique about you that will make your business stand out from the rest, as long as you trust in being yourself and don’t be afraid to be a little colourful at times and add that little bit extra into what you’re doing. It takes at least 18 months to really see the fruits of your labour, but trust that you will see it, and NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. You will find great allies in the people you network with, there are so many networking opportunities, you might be skittish of those opportunities but they could bring you a LOT of business.

You can visit Laura Dorothie at, like her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram.


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