Meditation and exercise linked to reduced flu symptoms



From the Globe and Mail:

In a paper published in the Annals of Family Medicine, Dr. Bruce Barrett and colleagues from the University of Wisconsin-Madison looked into the benefits of meditation and exercise for prevention of the flu. Before the annual flu season began, they divided their research volunteers into three groups: one that would practise meditation, another that would exercise regularly and a third control group that just carried on with normal daily life. They then tracked how many people in each group got sick and how severe and long-lasting their symptoms were. The results were surprising.

Both meditation and exercise reduced the number of people who got sick by about 25 per cent.

The severity of the symptoms was lowest in the meditation group, followed by the exercise group and most severe in the group that did neither.

This is good news for me having just begun group meditation last week. And since I’m feeling under the weather today I’m especially looking forward to this week’s session. I’m going to omm my way back to health (with the help of ColdFX and garlic too.)

If you’re interested in diving into your own spiritual playground but don’t have access to a group like mine, or you don’t like going outside of your home to experience the benefits of guided meditation, check out Youtube for videos. There are loads!


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