How Not to Ask for Help

Part of my job as a freelance digital marketer is to scour the internet looking for work. Hustlas gotta hustle.

And basically that amounts to me being on Craiglist several times an hour/day/week/month. It can be a bit undignified at times. There’s no shortage of shitty job postings. You have to wade through the scores of ads looking for adult models, actors and private massages. Plus all of the commission-based sales gigs. You get pretty good at reading between the lines to determine whether something is legitimate or complete bullshit.

And sometimes, occasionally, you get to see real gems too.

This week I, and the majority of Toronto’s literary scene, came across this post and had a good LOLZ about it:


I’m not sure what’s worse — the fact that this poster wants someone else to think of an idea for him, or that he gets angry towards the end of the post at the very people who he’s seeking to get help from.

It’s no secret that being a writer pays you peanuts. If you’re going on pure royalties alone, and your book happens to defy the odds to become a bestseller, you’re likely to make around $6k, according to one source. So yeah, even if you’re a bestselling author, chances are you’re still going to look for extra work.

So why you gotta hate, hater? One individual on Facebook posted it with this in mind:


Whether it’s true or not, you have to wonder what kind of an individual has the balls to post such an offending affront to anyone struggling to be creative and original in a world that is rife with cultural misappropriation, hodge-podge homages and blatant plagiarism.

On the plus side, it’s given Canada a little boost of Internet popularity. Yay?


Chuck Wendig is highly influential on the Internet writing scene. I relish the response this post will get now that it’s hit viral status.

What do you think? Is this blatant trolling or a genuine request? I almost wonder if it was created by someone we all know testing out the lit scene’s ability to handle “humour”.

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