Paying Our Respect

There’s no better place to visit than a cemetery on a hot August day, said no one ever.

Regardless, we decided to head to the cemetery to lay a memorial down on my grandparents’ grave. First we had to find them, though. I had little knowledge since it was only my second visit and mom had only been there a handful of times herself, so our supercharged march began to flag a little, then a lot, when after about twenty minutes of searching we concluded we couldn’t find them.

It didn’t help that I wore the wrong shoes and did I mention it was a hot August day, and we left at 10:30 in the morning?

Eventually we found them, though. We were off by a lot, so it wasn’t like we didn’t see them the first time around.



Afterwards, I snapped some photographs of the cemetery while waiting for our ride. We sat under a grove of trees near the entrance.






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