The Punnery is home to Olga Kwak’s blog posts on topics that include Toronto, art and artists,  marketing, copy-writing, weight and beauty acceptance, music, relationships, life journeys (both hers and the collective whole).

She’s is a freelance writer, marketer, book-reader, cat owner and musician. Her online career began in 1996. Olga was a senior staff member at The Fanlistings Network, under the girlish pseudonym, Akasha. At its height, TFN held a member count of over 50,000 links. She once made enough in Google Adwords to go backpacking through Italy.

Olga has written for Torontoist, The Genteel, PRODUCT magazine and the Brolog. She started watching Girls in December, 2012.

This is Trotsky

This is Trotsky

* * *


Punnery Facebook header/Facebook profile image: 1950s Belgian cigarette label (Royal) Tigra. Found on http://martinklasch.blogspot.com.

Background pattern courtesy of Subtle Patterns.


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