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I will not fear death

Somethings must pass in life. A loved one, a moment, an eternity. We live our lives thinking that the day to day is all we know, not knowing that there are tiny and large moments that become the paragraphs, chapters and novels of our lives.

I was privileged the opportunity to explore the last chapter of a great building in Hamilton, before the new novel is written.

These are her words.

Pull up and have a seat, dear one.
Stay awhile.
Do not trouble yourself, there are paths everywhere.
Make good friends and they will treat you like gold.
I am ugly, but I am also beautiful.
They know not what they don’t see.
But you have eyes and ears, so I will tell you this story.
Even the secret ones. But maybe not all of them.
There is activity going on. We are preparing for a new phase of life.
Be careful.
There are dangers here.
And new to you, but old familiar friends, as well.
Try not to touch the buttons.
And may your travels be safe and filled with light.
Take a souvenir. The exit is by the gift shop.

A Stroll Through Gage Park Greenhouse

It’s a sunny day in February, almost perfect weather for taking a walk, however there’s still a chilly wind in the air. So what better way to satisfy a craving for some wandering than by going to Gage Park’s Greenhouse? It’s warm, full of fresh oxygen and it’s free to the public.




I can see why it’s a popular spot for special occasion photography!

Into the Woods

I’m visiting my parents in the country right now. They live about four hours northeast of Toronto, on Highway 7, between Maberly and Perth, Ontario. It’s a lovely little homestead nestled into the rocky Canadian shield. The house is literally built upon a rock, which doesn’t make for good gardening soil, but makes up for it in the amount of beauty it possesses.

Being a city girl in the country, I’ve been doing my best to keep my mind occupied, and I’ve taken to perambulating through the woods that surround my parents’ property, camera in hand, in the hopes that I may capture some of the beauty around me. That and it keeps me from going batshit crazy from boredom. I won’t even tell you how far away the nearest Starbucks is. Let’s just say I haven’t found it yet.


The woods are beautiful. Dangerous, but beautiful. As the snow melts it’s beginning to reveal the mossy rocks and soft leaves that cover the ground in the warmer months. It’s still bloody cold out, though. On this particular day, I went out foolishly in only a sweater, hat and scarf and I was not warm enough. It wasn’t so much my torso that was cold, but rather my feet. Some spots were more snowy than others. At one point, I sunk nearly to my knee into a snowbank. Oops! Watch your step!


Speaking of watching your step, these little beauties are not what you think. It’s deer poo.

The woods are lousy with deer poo! My parents have begun feeding them “deer apples”, which they pick up from a grocery store just outside of Kingston. Deer apple are old and buggy fruit that are unfit for human consumption. Rather than wasting them, this store sells them by the kilo to bleeding hearts like my parents who do things like this:


Deer apples placed conveniently atop the snow on a “dinner plate” for their convenience.

Bleeding hearts, I tell you.

The yellow stuff mouldering in the middle was my offer of celery leaves to the deer. Suffice it to say, they’re not into celery.

Here are a few more shots from my foray into the woods:




This shot reminded me of an ancient Tolkein-ish hilltop. It’s actually the stump of a tree.




We don’t know much about the former owners of my parents’ home, other than that they were a bit…messy. Someone long ago dumped this entire truck onto its roof near the forest’s edge.