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Why Aren’t You Watching A Young Doctor’s Notebook?

Here are the reasons why you should be watching A Young Doctor’s Notebook.

In 1917 Russia, a young, fresh-faced doctor prepares to take over the Muryovo village hospital, complete with... well, let's call it a crew for now.Photo: Sky Arts

In 1917 Russia, a young, fresh-faced doctor prepares to take over the Muryovo village hospital, complete with… well, let’s call it a crew for now.
Photo: Sky Arts

It’s not long

Only 23 minutes! 24 if the English bird comes ’round to tell you what’s happening next.

Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm

What an odd but strangely wonderful combination. Miraculously, Radcliffe is pulling himself out of the child-actor muck slowly but surely. Sure, he had to get naked with a horse to do it, but we all need to take baby steps.

And what can I say about Jon Hamm that hasn’t been said before by a more devout follower of Purple Prose? He’s a man-god in the actor scale. He’s almost a George Clooney. And, in case you forgot, GC didn’t really “grow into his role” until he was in his mid-thirties either. Nowadays, I suspect he’s probably shellacking that look into place George Hamilton-style.

Radcliffe and Hamm working together is like watching a fine play unfold. There are moments of quiet. Moments of disturbing imagery. Intrigue. Comedy! Which brings us to…

It’s Funny

Humour in that grand traditionally Russian kind of way. You’ll recognize it if you can see it. And you’ll laugh that snarky half-laugh half-scoff that all Eastern Europeans (apart from the Finns and Estonians) seem to have.

Have you seen Fiddler on the Roof? Now you know what I’m talking about.

And, for the rest of you, Mikhail Bulgakov, whose book A Country Doctor’s Notebook the series is based on, would approve.

It’s Pretty

But sometimes disturbing as well. I won’t even tell you the scene I watched of Radcliffe hacking away at a poor peasant girl’s gangrenous leg in episode two.

You can catch A Young Doctor’s Notebook on Sky Arts in the UK. Hopefully we’ll see it on Netflix in North America soon enough.


GObama and Massachusetts Legalizes Medical Marijuana

The big news is that Obama has won. There’s no question of that. However, along with the opportunity to give diplomacy four more years, six American states also had one of their first opportunity to vote for same-sex marriage laws and to legalize medical marijuana.

Massachusetts legalized it (and, for the record, have had same-sex marriage laws since 2004.)

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

I love this photo.

Just think of how many babies are going to be conceived tonight. July’s a good year to give birth anyway. G’night, America. You earned this one.

Top 5 Glee Moments of Season One!

Is it any surprise to anyone that I’m a huge fan of GLEE, that wacky, song-and-dance number show? No, of course not. Well, with last night’s “fall season finale” (which boggles my mind, but hey, they gotta make money somehow), I present MY favourite performances of the season (in no particular order):

1. Kurt’s All the Single Ladies
This kid is SO good at camp it boggles my mind. His expressions, his mannerisms, his dancing. He’s got it going on. Plus, it turned into a pretty good episode too. Dad’s reaction was a surprise, and a good one.

2. Mercedes’s Bust Your Windows
Most of GLEE’S appeal is that the songs are well-crafted homages. Usually that means big theatrical reproductions with lots of vocal harmonies (hello, they’re a choir) and sometimes the songs end up sounding like watered-down versions of the originals. I’m looking at you, Mercy. This song, however, is (dare I say it? Yes, I think I shall) better than the original. Sorry Jazmine Sullivan.

3. Quinn & Puck Papa Don’t Preach
I don’t know if a lot of people like Quinn. She’s an interesting character because we’re supposed to hate her, but there’s also this sweet, vulnerable side of her that really shines when she sings. Plus, I think she’s got a great voice. Sometimes the loudest doesn’t mean the best.

4. Full Cast Keep Holding On
If ever there was a moment that made me cry during this season, this would be it. Damn it, and it’s an Avril Lavigne song no less.

5. Kristin Chenowith & Will Alone
I have yet to see this episode! But I love Kristin Chenowith and I love Heart. Basically, there’s nothing that I hate about this song. At all.

Anybody else what this show? What are your favourite moments?