Happy International Women’s Day!

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.
—Nora Ephron

I used to think that I was a strong woman. I would go on Facebook and scoff at the words of inspiration that flowed through my newsfeed’s river of personal reflection. Or I would just skim over the words entirely.

I would wonder why someone has to take so many damn pictures of their damn baby with the same damn baby-smile on its damn baby face.

I thought I needed to seperate my personal Facebook from the Punnery’s because I needed a “creative and professional” appearance when I was presenting things on the Punnery. And I would post things about body acceptance and bullying amongst women. I would reflect about women I admired like Nora Ephron and Tina Fey.

All of these things made me feel strong in the past.

Today is International Women’s Day. Last year I wasn’t sure how to celebrate. Do I get a bikini wax? Buy a purse? Go drinking?

Today I know how to celebrate. I ask each woman that I know in my life, be it just a little or a whole lot, to look inside of themselves and listen to their voices. Listen to the voices that tell you what makes you happy. It could be an ice cream sandwich and the new episode of The Walking Dead. It could be a trip to New York City. It could be a visit with your family. It could be a glass of wine with your best friend.

Whatever you do in your life, be the heroine of it. No one’s going to save you. You gotta save yourself.

Happy Women’s Day, friends!



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